Blue Window

Blue Window

Proposal for the redesign of Liberty Square – Thessaloniki

Year: 2013

Type: Private Project


Team: Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Laertis Vassiliou, George Siokas, Reem Saouma, Evgenios Kornaropoulos

The underlining idea for our study is the creation of a gate from and towards the sea. Two key axes frame the view and set a perspective from the city towards the sea, whilst through them we make a reference to the rich history of the square and surrounding area, attempting a dynamic re-unification of the human with the sea. We distance and protect the visitor from the heavy traffic and clamor of the city with a slight descend and heavy planting, while we suggest a redefinition of the use of the public space with the placement of the entrances at points of educational, commercial and recreational use, with sitting structures looking over the Thermaic gulf, the heart of our study.

The Holocaust memorial is transferred centrally to the seaside plateau, thereby assuming a central role, while finally we create a new idea of the public space – square towards the sea, attempting for their substantial interaction. On one side is the “Memory wall” and the palimpsest of history upon it and on the other side the modern theater, where visitor and city exchange their roles of protagonist and spectator, the way light and shadow interchange upon the wooden stage. The theater is a large balcony with a view over the square, connecting it with the sea. The bridge-theater is completed by a watchtower, comprising the new landmark of the area, in an abstract reference to the White Tower. Preservation of the preexisting trees played a major role in our study, since many of those maintained their position, while others were replanted at different sites within the square, enriched with various types of flora, to give their color and aroma to the square depending on their blooming season.

For the center of the square we suggest low planting, organized in relation to the canvas created for the floor, which along with the urban outfit will emphasize the escapee perspective of our framing. In addition the creation of an energetically autonomous square was one of our principal aims. Within our study we included achievable bioclimatic solutions for the creation of a “green” square, which while referring to the past will be ready to introduce the citizens of Thessaloniki to the future. In summary, our study aimed to reconstruct a public space to be restored to the pedestrians and assume a supralocal character, becoming a square – integral piece at the center of a Balkan capital.


Academic Competition & Civic


August 2, 2013