Goulandris Museum Shop

Goulandris Museum Shop

Proposal for the new museum shop at the Goulandris Natural History Museum, Athens

Year: 2017

Type: Proposal

Team: Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Thodoris Stratsianis, Ioanna Fakiri


The basic principle of our design was the distance from the mediated reality and the spatial production with an interest in the materiality of the objects, the interaction between the things and the human factor and the necessary reincarnation of man as the last reference of the legitimation of the architectural forms.
In this architectural proposal, a different reading of truth was attempted to re-use the shop located in the Goulandris Museum.
In particular, the reading, description or interpretation of nature has been transposed from a “first realism” concerning the direct, naked eye, data acquisition, to a “third level” realism where the design has multiple dimensions of reading. Our hypothesis is that, through such a scheme, the performance of nature can overcome the boundaries of a rushing vanguard that insists on its performance only through the color (green-brown). Having already put our main concern, we propose the introduction of a perimeter pattern of plants on the roof as well as a free plan.
A second element that contributed to the design of this architectural proposal was that a significant part of the museum visitors are children. As we know, architectural environments are read by their users and should therefore reflect the particular identity and values ​​of each institution while at the same time they should be imprinted as friendly and enjoyable spaces in the user’s consciousness.
Against this background, this proposal has attempted to complement the realism of the concept of physics that has already been attempted to express itself in this area, while trying to use a pattern that could be impressed on the consciousness of the visitors, the children.
In conclusion, the purpose of the study was not to represent yet another representative form of the architectural repertoire, but a way of connecting and correlating, heterogeneous, unrelated forms.


Cultural & Exhibits


March 22, 2017