Housing Complex 4

Housing Complex 4

Lindos, Rhodes

Year: 2017

Type: Private Project


KTIRIO SA created a refined complex of 7 (3 or 4-bedroom) residences. Luxury Cavo Lindos villas have been built to meet the highest standards of the market in Vlycha bay, 2 km from the enchanting village of Lindos in Rhodes.
The project is located on a plot of very strong slope bordered by a forest area on its back, which features a protected, stunning view.
Assuming a large enough project and the design of the slope in the form of underground constructions, the houses were constructed, all facing the sea, with their surrounding area being in front and their roofs planted where permitted. It was also made possible for the facades to be as transparent as possible so that from any interior space there would be visual contact with the view, thus creating feelings of familiarity with the landscape, for the visitor or the inhabitant.
Access to the dwellings takes place via private roads leading to private parking spaces for each residence. From there, access to the interior of the dwellings is achieved by private external corridors.
The area of ​​Lindos, and in particular the blizzard of Vlycha in particular, offer an ideal climate of living, allowing the visitor to enjoy the outdoors of a home for most of the year. For this reason, for the design of the interior spaces and the shaping of the surrounding space, basic synthetic principles were for first, the interior to be a continuum of the exterior and vice versa, and second, the materials, the colors and more generally the interior was not imposed on any case in the overall design narrative chosen for the project.
Always respecting the bigger picture, an effort has been made to give the everyday life of the future owner a simple and not “noisy” luxury, encouraging him to enjoy what was considered the most important in this project, the beauty of the place that hosts it.





December 13, 2017