The Plinth

The Plinth

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre Competition

Year: 2015

Type: Competitions

Team: Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Laertis Vassiliou, Terpsichori Latsi, Haris Heizanoglou

The Plinth is a submission for the recent architectural competition organised by UNESCO and the Korean government, asking for a cultural centre located in the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan, opposite the huge Buddha statues that have been demolished by the Taliban and currently are being re-built. This definition and character of the plinth shaped the idea of our proposed cultural centre for the Bamiyan Valley. The shape of the ground-scraping building is rectangular with large openings framing the views to the valley and the Buddha Cliff.

It is a subtle and feasible architecture, which aims to not radically alter its surroundings.


Cultural & Exhibits


September 7, 2015